“What Would You Do for Love?” Dior asks

“What Would You Do for Love?” Dior asks

I have been always fascinated by Dior’s campaigns. I have talked earlier about this. But when it came to the Dior Love Chain Campaign, I couldn’t enjo...

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I have been always fascinated by Dior’s campaigns. I have talked earlier about this.

But when it came to the Dior Love Chain Campaign, I couldn’t enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the campaign. But I knew already it is not something to be enjoyed. It is a serious question that I had to answer.

Dior asks: “What would you do for love?”

I have had a burning desire to answer this since then. And believe me I couldn’t. And just how life has surprised me lately, my thoughts rushed all of a sudden. I got the answer all of a sudden. Maybe to tell me that things must happen naturally. Without any force.

For love?

I would … give one last try before I quit. Because I am capable.

I would go to hell and back. And survive. Because I am a survivor.

I would go high on cloud nine. Because I am unstoppable.

I would go with myself. Because I am the leader.

I would have the balls in my court. Because I am a winner.

I would listen to my body. Because I am protective.

I would perform speeches eloquently and believably. Because I am proud.

I would crave books when I am hormonal. Because I am intellectual.

I would feel more, and trust my gut. Because… Well. Apparently, this is because I am an ESP person.

I would own up myself. Because I owe it to myself.

I would embrace the voice inside me. Nurture it. Get loud. And speak up.

I would look in the mirror and perform an acceptance speech.

I would return to my roots. Because no matter how far I go, I know where I came from.

I would choose harmony over chaos.

I would send thank you letters to everyone. And tell them thank you for making me shine more.

I would choose soulful over soulless. Because I am a woman of substance.

I would break myself. Collect the pieces. And rebuild from scratch.

I would manufacture optimistic highs no matter the lows.

I would choose a tree over a sailboat.

I would feel pain eating away my soul. And celebrate it.

I would take my life one day at a time. Because I belong in the moment.

I would ask. But I will never question my own sense of self. Or even explain it.

I would have it all. Because I have it all.

I would become what I already am.

For love?

I would choose self-love. Over and over again.

I would sit in a front row watching my life disappearing in the shadows of forever. And let it go. Because if it goes, it is not mine.

For love, I would skip a beat, and then have my heart beating faster. So I know I have one. And it’s worth being loved.

And you, what would you do for love?


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    I’m normally an exclusive reader of non-fiction and business books. As of now, you have a new fan!

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    farah 1 year

    You are such a talent habibi

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