Why am I attacking fashionistas on a sunny Thursday?

Why am I attacking fashionistas on a sunny Thursday?

A soft note before I start: I have chosen Diana Vreeland’s photo here because she is truly an inspiration. She is charming, divine, and wonderfu...


A soft note before I start:

I have chosen Diana Vreeland’s photo here because she is truly an inspiration. She is charming, divine, and wonderful. The fashion world owes her a lot. She is a woman with a style, vision, and direction. She is the voice of the fashion world and one of its memorable icons. May her influence continue to inspire. This article made me recall one of her quotes: “It’s not about the dress you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the dress.”

People say I’m an overthinker. Sometimes I am, but many other times I am an over sharer. What I am going to talk about today is very critical. At least for me.

I have had enough bad experiences, self doubts, ups and downs. But being this kind of girl is not something I feel I have to overcome. C’est la vie.

Word of the day: Ego


What sells is hope. Instagram sells hope. The hope to meet our dream self. Along with this, it breeds narcissism. It shadow casts all of our insecurities. What we struggle to achieve in real life, Instagram promises to deliver.

I am not an anti Instagram person. I actually check it out much more than checking the pimples all over my face. I use it frequently because I always have something to share. I just told you; I’m an over sharer. But my insecurities aren’t one. Neither a pair of Louboutin.

Person of the day: The Fashionista! (Excuse me for using this word many times throughout this article. But I have a point) Let it be a blogger, let it be an influencer, let it be a PUBLIC FIGURE… LOL! Let’s all laugh together.

Disclaimer: (This is not about every fashionista. But in case you got offended, you are the one.)

Fashionistas: Sorry not sorry but you are the real enemy of our culture. Fashion is literature. It is a big thing. And you can’t go long way without having a heavy foundation.

Why am I attacking fashionistas on a sunny Thursday?

Because young girls are watching. They watch what we do. And when they grow up they will be what we are. We are building up future girls who confuse popularity with success. Beauty with perfection. Elegance with appearance.
I wanted to write something that gives a girl the confidence to keep her chin up, that would make her content even if her highlighter isn’t on point. I want to give her hope. I want her to cheer up when she looks in the mirror. I want her to feel good no matter how she looks. I want her to laugh even if she hasn’t got a Hollywood smile. I want her to be very okay if she is not wearing logos. Because after all wearing a statement on a statement gives a very wrong statement.

I want her to know that the word fashionista is not a goal. Neither a vision. Nor a necessity.
And most importantly, not being a fashionista is not something she has to overcome.
A fashionista doesn’t necessarily imply elegance and fashion. It might be being desperate.

Fashionistas assume they know it all while they barely know themselves. They position themselves as the role models. But to take the lead, you have to know who you are, what you love, you have to own yourself, and know where you are going. They might have all the must haves in their wardrobes except for one thing. Intellect.

Fashionistas of Instagram have many things in common:
1. They are the masters of illusion. They rely on selling an image that doesn’t exist.
2. They have lost identities. And poor personalities. They go with the flow. They are used and abused every day.
3. They have a sense of entitlement.
4. They struggle to exist. And just in case, they exist in one place no matter where they go because they are imprisoned by their big egos.
5. They have a pathetic lifestyle.

One word for fashionistas: Save your EGO for a therapist. Don’t sell yourself short. You are not a billboard. You are not a product.

What we need to portray on Instagram is culture.

A sense of culture is the most fashionable accessory in the world.

What we need on Instagram is:
Radiant smiles. Not Hollywood smiles.
Minds not bodies.
True identities.
True beauty.
Mindful content.

What we don’t need on Instagram:
Fake identities.
Mind control.
Commercial beauty.

Confession: I didn’t want to share this article. I have lost myself on the Instagram scene lately, and I have lost my mind thinking about it. I had to write about it. And we’ve got to do something about it. Hopefully.

Have a happy Thursday!


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    farah 1 year

    so good! so nice! super talented darling

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    Nour 8 months

    Couldnt agree more…. they are doing a lot of damage

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