A Letter to HR Recruiters

A Letter to HR Recruiters

Hello HR Recruiters, I am Sara. I think we haven’t met before. Oh no. In my nightmares. We have met there I guess. Anyway let me introduce myself agai...


Hello HR Recruiters,

I am Sara.

I think we haven’t met before. Oh no.

In my nightmares. We have met there I guess.

Anyway let me introduce myself again:

I am Sara. I have graduated in 2014… Oops. It won’t work this way either.

I think you are not interested in youths and young people with no or little experience.

But I have one question.
Where is the future without youths?

Or to be more precise; you don’t believe in young people.

I won’t take it personal and say you don’t believe in me because it is my fault in the first place. I have been hopelessly and desperately looking for job in a very futuristic country.

You are not interested in me, but it is not only about me.

It is not about me. It is not about those people whose resumes are left unread in your mail box.

It is about you. YES YOU; HR Recruiters.

Am I over generalizing here? Yes. Deliberately.

And do I think that I am going to change something? Yes. Of course. At least on a personal level.


Apparently, and for the sake of this article, I will introduce myself again.

I am Sara. I have much more than the basic writing ability. I have always wanted to present myself in terms of passion and true capacity. But unfortunately, the resume protocol requires me to put as much titles as possible.

I have been applying for so many jobs lately, but obviously I couldn’t fit. Like I think I was brought by mistake to this world or there is no place for me. I guess I will go back to Venus.

Just not now. I have got something to talk about today.

I wanna talk about passion. I wanna talk about ambition. I wanna talk about opportunity.

HR recruiters:

Why don’t you give people a different sense of possibility?
Why don’t you make our lives much easier?
Why don’t you stop labeling people?
Why don’t you stop judging people?
Why don’t you push all the passionate people to become what they already are?
Why don’t you offer enough space?
Why don’t you know what it takes?

It takes a lot. And you don’t know what it takes.

Trust me.

It doesn’t take two pages of job requirements. Life is simple. Relax. You don’t need to write much.

I do believe that qualification doesn’t come in terms of degrees or titles or expertise. It comes in terms of passion and dedication.

Like I love to write. I have applied as a content creator. But unluckily I didn’t match the requirements. I must have a minimum of 69 years of experience as a content creator. So I was thinking why not have Shakespeare back to life?

Even when applying to a digital marketing position, I couldn’t match. It is a minimum of 20 years proven experience in digital marketing. Excuse me? Anyway, I’m so happy to know that my Grandma has witnessed the digital age!

HR recruiters: I owe you so many apologies. I have been sending emails over and over again. I didn’t get it the first time. Now I know. You are fools. You know nothing about people. About who fits neither. You know nothing about reading people because you only read the obvious. You are outmoded, narrow minded, and very limited people.

You live in a box.

I feel too bad that you are decision makers.

You are the wrong people putting the wrong people in the wrong places. This is a crisis!

And then we wonder why this city doesn’t prosper.

We are a curious generation.
We are self educators who know how to find information.
We are passionate people who hope to turn their hobbies into a full time job.
We spend our time learning and exploring.
We are the creative generation who one day will change the world.

Just not today. There is no opportunity today.

For all your zero talents,
For all my many talents,


Sara Haidar