No TITLE … Deliberately!

No TITLE … Deliberately!

Deliberately, the article has no title. Or it might have a title. A deep one. It depends on how you wanna see it. It is all about perspective. As a ma...


Deliberately, the article has no title.

Or it might have a title. A deep one. It depends on how you wanna see it. It is all about perspective.

As a matter of perspective, I am insane.

And as a matter of birth, I am a woman.

And as a matter of human nature, I am an emotional woman.

And as a matter of the world’s correctness, I am an emotional woman who gets stuck in her own thoughts because the world has taught her to cut off her words.

And as a matter of force, I am a woman of brusquely short words.

And as a matter of choice, I have become a woman who cuts off her words in real life to become more eloquent in blogging.

And this is where I live.

In my thoughts. In my head.

Driving to a place that doesn’t exist, I tuned in my playlist to escape the air of unreality that was hovering over my head.

“Was it all in my head, all in my head, all in my head, it was all my fantasy… I was just imagining, what you thought about me, what you thought about me…it was all in my head.”

I love this song, and I love how songs find a way to manifest my emotions.

Emotions! The most banned thing in history.

I was just driving; I had no clue where I was going to. But found myself suddenly in the same place that I came from.

This is me, no matter how far I go, I know where I came from.

With all the holes in me, I am whole.

And there is no shame.

I went home. With some external force, I had an insomnia free night.

No emotions. No words. Not a single thing left alive.

I woke up today in a place where love doesn’t exist.

January 26/2017 …. Oh lalla.

People are preparing for the big show in almost two weeks.

Valentine’s is only two weeks away.

My question is: What do they celebrate on Valentine’s?

They celebrate the most banned emotion in life. LOVE.

See! There is no better way than answering your own questions. It means you are totally aware.

I have always considered that Valentine’s is useless because love should be celebrated everyday. But today, only today, I admit; I was totally wrong. All I have to say is that the one who created the Valentine’s concept is incredibly smart; he had a vision stretched into a day where love becomes only a word, a day, a gift, and a non-stop business. He knew that the human nature cannot handle love everyday.

Now you are assuming that I failed in love. No I didn’t, I have never. And will never.

It is just that I believed in something that doesn’t exist.

I feel a lot. And love a lot.

But after all I live in this world.

And in this world, we are taught that love is perfectly unhealthy.

That love is criminal.

That love is a burden.

That love is stupid.

That love does more harm than good.

That love must not breed.

That love is submissive.

That love is irrational.

That love is abuse.

That love is a business contract.

The world has taught us to confuse love with mutual benefit.

But one more time, I will use the unlimited power within me to disappoint this world. I won’t learn the course of love.

By default, I go off the limits, I break the rules, I change things, and I fight. And that is why I am never meant to be a good student. I will never learn this lesson.

I will love. And love. And love.

And because I don’t like rules, I will tell you:

Happy Valentine’s Day on the 26th of January

May you always love, May you always live.