Let’s Talk About MEN

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Let’s Talk About MEN

Men and women. Women and men. We think it is never possible for both to get along. Women sometimes say that men are weird and complex where in fact me...


Men and women. Women and men. We think it is never possible for both to get along.

Women sometimes say that men are weird and complex where in fact men are so simple. In today’s post we are gonna talk about men. But don’t get me wrong! NO GOSSIPING … I will just provide you with some facts about men to help you better understand how the man’s brain process and perceive things.

Here is the list:

1. Unlike the popular belief, men aren’t into plastic. They don’t like it when a woman tries too hard when it comes to her looks. Thomas Edward – founder of The Professional Wingman – say: “I wish women knew even though we appreciate you taking hours to get dressed and put on your face, it’s no longer necessary. Superficial beauty catches our attention, but natural beauty keeps it.”

2. Men can’t handle women being emotional. If you are crying or upset, you would be waiting for him to mother you, give you more attention and hugs, and to listen to you. But instead, you get lectures and solutions. By default, men are solution oriented and they believe that they are responsible for fixing things!

3. Men take everything you say literally. The mixed signals don’t work out with them either. So never tell a man YES when you mean No!

4. Men never want to be wrong. They hate it because being wrong means he has failed! They take “wrong” as a criticism for their potential.

5. For men, women are fun killers. And that’s why men have issues when it comes to commitment. They associate commitment with the end of everything in their life. For them, commitment means: responsibility, drama, emotional exhaustion, and compromises. No matter how being single makes a man feel lonely and bored, he still thinks that single life is all about traveling, partying, and naked supermodels! After all, every single man has that one committed friend who skips the football game or the guy’s night to hang out with his girlfriend. No? And when it comes to marriage, men have the “KISS YOUR DREAMS A GOODBYE” attitude.

6. Men value work. They define themselves in terms of their achievements and work. Allan and Barbara Pease nail it up in this quote: “If a woman is unhappy in her relationship, she can’t concentrate on her work. If a man is unhappy at work, he can’t focus on his relationship.” So now you know that work comes first!

7. Straight to the point, men don’t like gold diggers, boring, and desperate women. Oh and the drama queens. However, they are highly attracted to women of high value; women who are confident, independent, and secure.

8. Men hide their emotions. Bringing up their emotions makes them feel out of control. In this point, we need to go back to the upbringing and the social conditioning. In our culture, boys are taught to be in control. Never forget that this man was a little boy who was used to hear frequently: “Be a man and Boys don’t cry!”

9. Naturally, men have a problem solving mind. Their mind is programmed to be more logical and solution oriented.

10. Men hate advice! They take any kind of advice as a criticism. When you offer him an advice, you make him feel incompetent and incapable of dealing with his own problems. Men solve their problems inside their own head. So when he is under stress, never approach him trying to ask and figure out. And IF he talks about it; NEVER interrupt him. Just listen.

11. You might be pissed off sometimes when a man is tone deaf to you. But, biologically speaking, men use their left brain only for listening. This justifies why a man would turn the TV off to answer his phone or not hear you when he is having a conversation with his friends.

12. Men find it more challenging when a woman takes a strong stand in a conversation! They can never hold onto a talk with a woman who only says YES and who is always passive.

Dating clashes and frustrations come from our inability to understand the opposite sex. But with this simple manual you will add a different flavor to your relationship with your man.

Good Luck Always!


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