Mr. Asshole & His Mrs.

Mr. Asshole & His Mrs.

A couple of weeksago, a friend and I were talking about this acquaintance we have incommon. OK so we were kind of gossiping!  Mid way through theconve...

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A couple of weeksago, a friend and I were talking about this acquaintance we have incommon. OK so we were kind of gossiping!  Mid way through theconversation, my friend drops a bombshell:  our acquaintance’s husband ischeating on her with girls my friend knows (notice the plural form of girl)!

I was shocked and Istill am!  They have barely been married a year, they are just startingtheir life together; they are still at the happy place!  If they weremarried for ten years, it would have been easier to understand.  In tenyears, a lot can change.  Having said that, I insist that the amount ofyears you have been married doesn’t make cheating acceptable but maybe a bitmore digestible.
Our acquaintance isvery attractive and smart; she is the “IT” girl.  Who cheats on agirl like that?  I know:  an asshole.  Well, he didn’t become anasshole in a year, I would bet my kid on that and that girl is not anidiot.  So didn’t she notice his womanizing habits before saying “Ido”?  I would love the answer to be:  “Chirine, you know love isblind, she was deeply taken by him that she didn’t see all his negativetraits!”  But we all know that’s not the right answer.
See Mr. Asshole iswealthy and comes from a very respectable family.  Heck, he was bachelorof the year in the bank account department.  And that makes me angry andscared.  What standards of ethics have we reached?  This beautifuland educated young lady gave up her dignity so she can land that 400 squaremeter apartment in the chicest Beirut area, the seasonal shopping sprees offthe runways and all that traveling.  She basically chose material benefitsover the true substance of marriage.  The one thought that keeps goingthrough my head is how does she share a bed with Mr. Asshole?  He probablylikes her and gets along with her perfectly but he doesn’t respect her and sheknows it.  So how does she do it?  I wonder what values she willinstill in her children.  Will she teach her daughter that what mattersthe most is landing Mr. Perfect Bank Account just like her mother taught herapparently?  And what about her son, will he grow up thinking cheating isnormal in a relationship?  I sincerely hope that by the time they do havechildren, she would have realized that things could have been different for herand that she will be able to teach her children that respect and loyalty areultimately the true pillars of a successful and loving marriage.
I feel the need toclarify something.  I am not generalizing in this post, it is specificto the people mentioned in it.  Not all rich men are cheaters and have nomorals while not all beautiful and intelligent women want to be with Mr. RichAsshole.  And I think we can all agree that this particular story thoughis becoming much more common than we would like to admit.  Generallyspeaking, people’s morals and ethics have hit an all time low this pastdecade.  I see things and I hear stories that truly freak me out.  Idon’t want my children to think that’s the normal way of life.  So yes I get angryand scared when I hear things like the above stated scenario.  But I alsoknow that there are good people in all walks of life still, people who livewith so much integrity and respect and knowing that helps me sleep better atnight.
Now don’t get mestarted with the girls who Mr. Asshole is cheating with!!!!  That’s astory for another time.

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