Short Hair Don’t Care – Divorcee Diaries

Short Hair Don’t Care – Divorcee Diaries

I’m so obsessed with myself. I love every itsy bitsy bit of my outer and inner appearance. This is not a mainstream “Love Yourself” ...

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I’m so obsessed with myself. I love every itsy bitsy bit of my outer and inner appearance. This is not a mainstream “Love Yourself” article. This is a true story.

I love my hair! I deal with it as one of my biggest assets. I used to believe that it is the true essence of my femininity. I struggle whenever I want to cut one inch of my hair every 6 months. And when it comes to hair makeovers; I panic! I guess this is a sort of phobia. I never knew how I would look like with a short hair. But, it happened.

I cut my hair right after divorce, but the reason wasn’t a self esteem boost and wasn’t to remind myself that am beautiful no matter what. And it wasn’t in the sense of “he liked her with long hair so she cut it short”. No. Not at all. Divorce was a tough process and a heart breaking disappointment in love; I knew what was going to come next needs a lot of power, strength, energy, patience, and adaptation. And I had to face this all. When I got divorced, I lost a lot; not the person himself, but the perfect family picture I always had in mind.

I was smart enough to deal with divorce. I got into my notepad and wrote a list of the things that I love the most. Among the list was my hair! I thought for a while, divorce happened just how life happens. I can do nothing about it. I had to face the facts, let go, and accept my new status. But I couldn’t easily manage because I was totally focused on negative thoughts. All of a sudden, a brilliant idea popped into my mind. “Sara, if you can overcome the fear of looking in the mirror with a short hair on your face, then you can overcome this!” Full stop! And I did it. I cut my hair. Cut it really short. I was able to face my fear and overcome the phobia. Besides, I was able to shift my focus from the divorce issue and put it somewhere else.

A hair cut was far from being just a haircut. It was a great experience, and the outcome was really amazing; I became more opened to accept change; I was able to handle my all time phobia; I realized that no matter what we are through, it is all in the mind, and I discovered that am a strong person. And the happiest part of all this was the hair donation I did for cancer children.

Along with this, I recognized that am a short hair person! It goes along with my character much more than the long one. For me, short hair shows power and independence. 😉