I’m Single… Until further notice

I’m Single… Until further notice

I always wanted to be the best girlfriend. I have spent a lot of energy focusing on the guys I have been with till I lost my own sense of individualit...

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I always wanted to be the best girlfriend. I have spent a lot of energy focusing on the guys I have been with till I lost my own sense of individuality. I would struggle to answer if you ask me about my favorite food, about my hobbies, about my dreams… You know why? Because I was not focusing on myself. My focus was being invested in an external source. But it is okay. Today, I admit; am single, and am enjoying my very single life because it gave me the opportunity to meet myself, my best self. Single is not a status, single is a powerful force that makes you rise to a better place.

Here is what I have learned from single life:

1.    The best love in the world is the love I give to myself. Being single was just like a wakeup call to focus more on myself. To invest in myself to be the person I want to be in the future.

2.    I’m never alone. I have genuine people around me who are my rock. I’m blessed with a supportive family; my mom, dad, sisters and brothers who are always there to give me love and strength when I need it.

3.    Nothing beats the feeling of personal success. I never want a man to build up my life. I have my own dreams, goals and future plans, and I have what it takes to work them out.

4.    I’m the one who runs the day. No one has access to my time. Am so happy that am able to have some me time.

5.    I have mastered the art of being patient. Great things take time, and I do believe that everything I want will happen eventually.

6.    I finally got the power to make peace with my past. The only way to be opened to new opportunities is by letting go of the past. No matter of the good and bad memories, I have learned to appreciate them because they are the key to a happy future.

7.    I know I owe it to myself to be happy. No love will ever make me happy like the love I give to myself. If I can’t make myself happy, no man ever will manage to do so.

8.    I value myself no matter what ups and downs I have been through. I do know that the struggle doesn’t define who I am.

9.    I am confident being in control of myself and my own life. Confidence is best found when single.

10.    I have to be picky when choosing my future partner. I’m never going to get a perfect man because this is life and not a fairy tale. But still, when it comes to choosing my future partner, I do have some standards that I won’t compromise.

Final word: Am blessed and grateful.

With Love,