Twenty Five

Twenty Five

Because I don’t like rules or norms, I’m gonna celebrate New Year today. Happy New Year to me and to the some many Virgos born on this day. Yes,...


Because I don’t like rules or norms, I’m gonna celebrate New Year today.

Happy New Year to me and to the some many Virgos born on this day.

Yes, you got it!

Today is my birthday. I’m officially 25.

Today I celebrate the fighter in me. After so many attempts to write this piece, I finally wrote it. I had a delayed moment of inspiration. I didn’t want to force it. One thing I have learned about blogging and life: Don’t force it. Let it happen naturally. After almost 5 weeks of writer’s block, my thoughts rushed while I was having my regular shower after gym. Oh yes, I have been into healthy patterns lately. I am finally having a balanced life; mind-body-soul. That is how I managed to be my own keeper. I have to take care of myself, of my mind, of my body.

Today I’m 25, and that’s very natural. People have two options, either to grow up or to grow older. I am lucky enough to have both options. But whether am 25 or 55, I guess I’m gonna be ageless. Whether life hits me hard or gently, I still want to live passionately.

After 25 complicated years, I have changed my perspective on so many things. And because I’m the birthday girl, I am gonna give a little speech.

The first step in recovery is diagnosing the problem. I am selfless in the best ways. That is my problem. By default, I am a giving person. I’m generous, loyal, honest, loving… I guess I’m blessed with good genes, but I have never been aware of that until today. I admit, I have my own sense of self worth. I value myself. So now on, I owe it to myself to never be afraid of my own greatness.

Today is not a random day. Today I’m happy. I have never owned that feeling before. Happiness. That is the key. To survive life, I have to do more of what makes me happy. I’m a simple person who enjoys the little things in life; books, music, coffee, and a good conversation make me happy. I’m gonna do more of that starting today.

If I’m about to describe my past year, I would say it is tough, yet it is positive, passionate, and priceless. I have discovered that people who make the world around us are iconic figures yet simple humans; are strong yet weak; are courageous yet fearful, are focused yet indecisive, are satisfied yet hungry, are peaceful yet rebellious… and I guess this is a law of nature.
Humans are simple creatures.Yes, very simple. Just how I feel about myself. Sometimes I hold the world, but many other times I can barely hold my knees. Sometimes I rebel, many other times I settle down. Sometimes I am speechless, many other times I tell a speech. That’s natural. No?

Well, throughout this year, I have experienced intense scary emotions; Loss, failure, disappointment… Today I know that what happens to us on the course of living is not as scary as our memory when it recalls every itsy bitsy detail. But again the fighter in me still wants to make things happen. I enjoy the journey of building myself up right after I fall. Today I make room for something new. Something stronger. Something great!

Away from life lessons, I would like to consider few more things. After all, I’m neither Plato nor Aristotle. But I’m a woman. I’m blessed with the double X chromosomes!

I never wanna stop enjoying being a woman; a true woman who has confidence, integrity, and femininity. And the one thing that a woman needs next to her talent is LOVE. I do agree that I have failed so many times in love, yet I’m still obsessed about it.

So today I am 25 years old. But there is a further question of great significance. How do I feel?

I feel special, strong, and in control. Today I’m gonna write the script of a fabulous year coming ahead.

A very Happy Birthday to me.
Cheers to a new year!