Why don’t you travel back in time?

Bringing Back Diana Vreeland’s Muse

Why don’t you travel back in time?

“The eye has to travel.” That was the original inspiration. The way to measure one’s real influence is by how much it stays. It all started in 1936 an...


“The eye has to travel.” That was the original inspiration. The way to measure one’s real influence is by how much it stays. It all started in 1936 and up till now we still hear her name whenever we talk about fashion, literature, art, culture, colors, photography, and change. 

There is a thing about change, it always comes after the word “first.” The firsts are the ones who breed change.

 Many names, many titles, many years of thrilling experience, lots of passion, a sense of language and a sense of style, have made her the first fashion editor who has always believed that her mission is to “create and motivate fashion” not  just report it. 

 D.V. or Diana Vreeland or Mrs. Vreeland, you can say it the way you want, but the exact word would be the Grande dame of fashion. Her name is meant to stay and cherish. She is the icon who has carried a new perspective to the editorial department leaving by this a remarkable imprint on the fashion world.

 Her philosophy of life, knowledge, passion, intellect, imagination, and originality spilled over Bazaar’s pages for 26 years. “It was me projecting to the public. I think I always have a perfectly clear view of what was possible for the public. Give them what they never knew they wanted.”

This emphasizes DV’s entrenched vision. She sees things! Now, then, and ahead. “She had a vision like no one else’s. Five hundred years ahead of everyone,” says Manolo Blahnik.

 Diana admired books and travel. Her eye would travel in time and place. She has become a world citizen with different cultural experiences and a vibrant knowledge that she wants us all to open our eyes a little more so we can better see beyond the obvious. 


Following the major success of the “Why Don’t You” column that first appeared on Harper’s Bazaar’s August 1936 issue, why don’t you bring back the Vreeland’s muse on August 2018?

 The mantra; “The eye has to travel.” Why don’t you travel back in time and arrange to meet up with DV? In the company of Diana, there is always something new to learn. 

 Why don’t you “arrange to be born in Paris?” For her, Paris is the ultimate beginning.

 Why don’t you attract the life you want? Diana believes she chose her life. “I’m sure I chose to be born in Paris. I’m sure I chose my parents. I’m sure I chose to be called Diana…” recounted Diana in her autobiography D.V. That is to say life has a magic put out on what you strive to be or have.

 Why don’t you have a “passion for passion?” Passion is a game changer. Diana has a passionate point of view towards her life; if she wants you to believe in something, it would be the intensity of your passion.

 Why don’t you “make an asset of your faults?” DV wants us to accept ourselves the way we are; to embrace our flaws; and better, to make them shine; “If you have a long nose, hold it up and make it your trade mark.”

Why don’t you “dare to dream?” because to “dream is to live.”

 Why don’t you grow younger? For Diana, Age is “totally boring,” she embraces aging as she recalls Jeanne Moreau in her book; “I shall die very young… I don’t know maybe seventy, maybe eighty, maybe ninety. But I shall be very young.”

 Why don’t you stun at the “magnificence of today and tomorrow?” With this, the fashion editor affirms us to be present in the moment and to believe in the power of now.

 Why don’t you have a French face? “In fact the French language has a lot to do with the handsomeness and beauty of the French face,” says Diana.


Diana Vreeland is a powerful figure. The fashion world credits her for the outstanding accomplishments throughout her career. She has given the modern woman a manual not only on what to wear but rather on how to be. Her name has evolved through times making her a force not just a fashion editor. May this force continue to inspire.